Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Week Before Christmas - Running with Life

In face of our impending RTW trip, we decided to not to do Christmas at home this year. This meant no Christmas trees, no lights and no presents. We did some minimal shopping for DBB's family and that was it! If only Christmas could be this easy every year!

So, a few days ago, DBB was offered a 3 month contract job in Singapore. Accepting this job would mean that we toss out our well laid out plans for our 2012 RTW trip (at least temporarily), figure out our plans for the new year from the start... and it would also mean living with my parents for 3 months in Singapore.

*DEEP BREATH* At the age of 30, we have decided to run with life and accept our good fortunes. DBB will be accepting his 3 month job offer. He will get a taste of working in Asia, and I will get 3 months to reconnect with my parents! Not a bad way to start 2012, in my opinion.

What are some of the difficult decisions you have had to make before setting out on your world travels? Do you run with life or stick steadfast to your plans?

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