Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From Dream to Reality - One-way tickets to Singapore

Drumroll please....we finally bought our one-way plane tickets! We are officially embarking on our round the world journey on Dec 31st 2011! Only 16 more days before the fun begins! First stop is Singapore, where we get to spend time with my family, eat delicious and fresh food and just hang out by the pool. 

Singapore's famous Merlion
We used our accrued miles to buy these tickets, which is why we moved our departure date up by approximately 10 days. We had to pay for handling charges, which came up to only approximately $80 per person. An economical way to start the journey... just the way we like it. 

Now it feels real... it feels like this trip is actually happening! Perhaps what I didn't realize is that this journey already began a long time ago. For me, it started in 2008, when I started reading almostfearless.com and lived vicariously through the blog of Christine Gilbert who was so brave and determined to craft out a new life for herself and her family. I didn't know, but the seed was planted then... as I had started budgeting and buying things that I might someday use when I travel round the world. 

A new job, getting married and yet another new job. My late twenties had slowly whittled away. Year after year, it never seemed like the right time to do it. Now, it's never been clearer in my life that this is a journey that I MUST go on at this time, in order to continue my life. It is a journey that I MUST make happen. A journey that I know does not hold all the answers to life, but will be crucial to helping me learn more about myself and the world around me. A journey that will help me GROW. 

With a one-way ticket in hand, and knowing that I'm not returning in the near future to a country that I have called home for the last 10 years, it feels surreal. I'm brimming with happy anticipation that is sometimes punctuated by pangs of fear. It comes from not knowing what is about to happen, but being empowered by the fact that regardless of good or bad life experiences, I will be a better person for it all. It will definitely be a year of intense growth and development for our family! 

Today, we took our first solid step and bought our one way tickets. With a simple click of the mouse, we are making our dream a reality. Singapore... here we come! 

How does it feel to take a solid step towards making your dream a reality? Where did your first one-way tickets take you to? 

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