Friday, December 30, 2011

Eve of New Year's Eve - A Slight Delay

We made it safely to the in-laws on the Eve of New Year's Eve. A low key farewell dinner and we were ready for our nightcap and an early flight to Singapore the next day. Or so we thought ......

After arriving home from our farewell dinner, we went online and tried to see if we could get an upgrade to Economy Plus for our flight. To our surprise, it appeared that our flight from Chicago to Tokyo had been canceled. We immediately called up United Airlines to figure out what was going on.

Turns out our flight was canceled due to a mechanical failure. Oh well...we then spent the next 40 minutes rebooking ourselves for a flight out to Singapore the following day. 2011 is now officially a year of delays. Our trip has now been delayed for a whole year! We had planned to depart on 31 December 2011, but now we would have to wait till 1st January 2012! Talk about an anti-climax. But on the upside, we are spared from spending New Year's Eve on an excruciating long flight and now have a bonus holiday to spend with friends and family! 

Have you ever had delays on your RTW journey? How did you cope with it? 

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