Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Around the World - Our Everchanging Itinerary

With less than 40 days before our departure, we have much to do! First things first, to figure out a workable itinerary, so that we can get to work on applying for our visas and figuring out what to pack! Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Russia.... here we come!
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It might seem long to spend a whole month in Singapore, but having grown up in Singapore, I can rest assure you there is no such thing as too much sunshine and humidity! Besides, the last time I celebrated Chinese New Year in Singapore was 7 years ago!

    We are debating between spending this shortest month of the calendar either traversing the well-worn backpacker trail from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, or spending this time volunteering at this spectacular non-profit, Isara Foundation in Nong Khai, Thailand!


    'Great Wall of China' photo (c) 2010, Richard Thomas - license:

    We plan to spend our time mainly in Beijing as DBB is taking a Chinese class at the Beijing Language and Culture University during that time.


    We are traveling overland from China to Moscow, via Mongolia on trains! We need to make it to London by July 27th for the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics. It's always been a dream of mine to attend the Olympics in person!


    We spent a week in Madrid in August 2009 and fell in love with this city. We would like to see more of Spain! Also, La Tomatina is on August 29th 2012! Maybe we'll swing by and take part in the tomato festivities!


    If possible, we would love to spend 2 weeks or so learning Arabic. We have heard so many good things about Morocco and cannot wait to set foot on a new continent together!

    REST OF 2012: ???

    We don't have it planned that far out yet ... should we continue on to the rest of North Africa? Or should we fly back to the US and then head down to Central and South America?

    Where do you think we should go? What is on your must-see list? 

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