Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Short Getaway to Batam

Anxious to getaway from our hectic lifestyle in Singapore, we took a short trip to Batam this past weekend. Batam is part of a string of islands in the Riau Archipelago, belonging to Indonesia. Truthfully, unless you are a golf enthusiast or perhaps you are really into shopping for super cheap stuff (clothes, electronics, household appliances etc.) at the Batam mega malls, there is really not much else to do on the island. So, we set our expectations on a spa only getaway and booked a night at the number one hotel in Batam on TripAdvisor - Tempat Senang, and we were pleasantly surprised.

To help get us into RELAX mode

We left early on Saturday morning to catch our 820am ferry from HarborFront, Singapore to Sekupang Terminal in Batam, Indonesia. On the Singapore side, it was rather hectic having to clear security and exit immigration, but perhaps the most hectic part was waiting for our ferry and navigating hordes of people in a seemingly small departure lounge. The ferry ride itself took only 40 mins and clearing immigration and security on the Indonesia side was simple enough, at least for me. DBB had to pay USD$10 for a 7-day visa (on arrival) before clearing immigration.

One of the BatamFast Ferries
We located our hotel pick-up easily and headed right to our resort which was less than 10 minutes away. With tall trees, overgrown grass and huts by the roadside, it wasn't much of a scenic drive but the change in scenery allowed us to take deeper breaths and for our hearts beat at a slower rate, for we were now truly outside of the city. We had to drive down a rocky dirt road to get to the hotel, but it was well worth it. 

When we arrived at Tempat Senang, there were 5 people at the driveway to greet us. We were immediately overwhelmed not only by the service, but by the authentic Indonesian decor -- the high ceilings, the wide arched roofs, mini waterfalls and greenery everywhere -- it was truly an inviting place. The statues, wall reliefs and koi ponds were delicately placed around the hotel, transporting you to the venue of an Indonesian palace (if there is SUCH a thing)!!

Our Hotel Setting - Tempat Senang Resort

After navigating steps afloat a koi pond and tastefully designed doorways, we were ushered into a nice open area with a couch where we were greeted by an Indonesian lady who spoke pretty good English. She walked us through the spa menu and we each picked 3 treatments that was part of our hotel+spa package. We picked the Balinese massage, Hot Herbal Compress Treatment and a Foot Reflexology session. It was basically 3 hours of massage in various forms that left us extremely refreshed and hungry for lunch. We had Grilled Fish for lunch and it was extremely satisfying! 


After lunch, we took a dip in the small pool and the water was soothing and helped cool down us down. Rest of the day was spent watching DVDs, grabbing dinner and then watching more DVDs. The hotel had a great selection of DVDs that you can browse and borrow. In fact, we were watching DVDs right up to the moment of check-out. A truly relaxing vacation.


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