Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Mini Vacation to Phuket - Day 1

We caught an early Wednesday morning flight to Phuket and arrived late morning. Clearing immigration was a piece of cake. We found an ATM at the terminal to withdraw some Thai Baht for our trip. Then we proceeded to hunt for our hotel airport transfer. We have read many horror stories about pre-arranged transport not working out and I was praying fervently that we would soon spot our driver. When we eventually emerged outside of the airport, there was a great crowd of people, mainly drivers waiting to pick up their passengers. We spotted a man holding a sign with our names on it and when DBB pointed at the sign, the man gestured for us to follow him to a van that had the words "Karon Sea Sands Resort" neatly emblazoned on its side. We were on our last leg of the journey to the beach!

After an hour's ride, we arrived at Karon Sea Sands Resort and check in was very smooth. We got there at 12pm, but they let us check in early without us having to mention anything. Whilst checking in, as we slowly tuned our ears to Thai English and look over payment details, we were also served a welcome drink and handed a cold towel. The drink was a shot of watermelon juice, it was very refreshing. We were even provided a complimentary beach bag at check in! After checking in, we headed straight for our hotel room and we were impressed by what we found.

Deluxe Room at Karon Sea Sands Resort

Pool view from our room balcony
Big spacious room with a balcony and a view that opens out above the pool area. The king bed is of course  very welcomed on any vacation and the bathroom was decent. We were very satisfied with what we saw and decided to turn our attention to lunch instead.

Ravenous, we quickly made a left turn out of the hotel and started walking. We didn't know what we were looking for... Thai food probably. LOL. We stopped at Aroona plaza and decided that things looked promising in the vicinity. We turned left and venture into the plaza. Here, we came across Bai Toey restaurant and decided to make a delicious lunch out of Goong Hor (shrimp appetizer), Green Curry with Chicken and Chicken Pad Thai.


On a full stomach, we returned to the hotel and quickly donned our swimsuits to start working on our tans by the pool. It was a beautiful view and while we were initially envious of people with rooms that had direct poolside access, we decided that we probably preferred not to have people swimming by our room during the day. The pool was well kept, surroundings were beautiful and calm. We baked in the sun for 2 hours and retreated to our room.
Hotel Pool at Karon Sea Sands Resort

Hotel Pool at Karon Sea Sands Resort

We had good intentions to check out the nightlife in Phuket, but between the early flight this morning and the sun, we stayed put in our room and ordered room service and participated in the Law & Order marathon via cable tv. Room service was a very yummy green curry pizza and club sandwich with fries. Highly recommend the green curry chicken pizza if you are in Karon Beach! We did feel a little guilty and lame for not leaving the hotel for dinner, but hey, if we did, we would never have discovered the exotic green curry chicken pizza!

Green Curry Chicken Pizza - Most Delicious Dish of our Phuket Trip

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