Monday, October 10, 2011

Travel Planning - First-Time Around the World

Is this truly going to be a RTW trip? Will we try to touch every continent? Or should we just pick a continent or two and travel slowly?

Inspired by new possibilities for our future, we headed to the library this weekend to pick up some travel guidebooks to peruse. Here's a sampling of the questions and ideas that we floated during our discussion...

Are we dedicating ourselves to full-time travel or do we want to mix it up with volunteer work and extended stays to learn foreign languages?

What about those Badminton tickets my brother secured for us for the 2012 London Summer Olympics? It's always been a dream of mine to go to attend the Olympics in person. We have to make it to London by July 2012.

Should we just stick to lower cost areas like Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America? But I grew up in Southeast Asia ... can we go somewhere I didn't grow up at? I would like to go somewhere more exotic, like Fiji, Easter Island and Madagascar? 

He's talked about going to Beijing to learn Chinese for over a year now. But will Beijing be like NYC (where we have lived for the past 2 years), except that everything will be in Chinese?

If we are going to Beijing, maybe we can travel through Central Asia or Russia as a means to getting to London for the Olympics. Hmm... good luck with getting those visas

Oh, don't forget, I haven't seen my parents in over a year. We absolutely need to go back to Singapore first. Besides, that will be the cheapest way for us to get some rest and relaxation. Singapore is hot and humid all year round...this makes it a great place to visit ALL THE TIME! 

It is so exciting to be on the cusp of something so BIG! Why didn't we do this sooner! 

What is travel planning like for you? How did you decide where in the world to go?

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